The Adjective Challenge

Many people struggle to build their fluency, so today I'm going to set you a challenge:

Have a look at the picture above.  We can see that it was taken on a sunny day.  We can see the sea and some cliffs.  Is that all we can say about it?  Of course not!  A fluent English speaker would describe it in much more detail.  They would talk about the colours, the textures, whether they think that it is warm or cold and they might even describe how it makes them feel.

How do they do this? By using adjectives and descriptive language.  Adjectives are often called "describing words" - words such as hot, cold, blue, white, hard, soft, wet and dry are all adjectives.  The more descriptive we are in our use of language, the more interesting it becomes for our readers or listeners.

This is how I would describe the photograph:

It's a beautiful, sunny day.  The soft, blue sky is full of wispy, white clouds and the grey-blue sea is calm and almost flat.  Gentle waves are lapping against the rocky shore, showing soft, white edges against the hardness.  I don't think it's summer yet because the plants still look dead and dry, as if they have just come through the winter but there are one or two flecks of green starting to appear.  It's probably not very warm yet, the sea still looks grey and cold but the blue sky offers the promise of warmer weather soon.  I think it's the beginning of spring and I'm looking forward to seeing the leaves and flowers start to appear. 

Watch this video for more details!

Today, why not challenge yourself to improve your English skills by using more adjectives?  Find a picture that you like and try to describe it in as much detail as possible.  If you do this regularly, you will add interest to your written and spoken English.  You’ll also be amazed at how quickly your fluency will improve!


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