About Me

Hi. My name is Jennifer.
Welcome to Fern's English, which is named after my daughter!

I live in the UK and I love teaching children and adults to speak, read and write English.

In my free time I love reading.  I also like going for long walks and enjoy photography.  I'm even learning to draw!

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My Qualifications

English Level: Native Speaker
Accent: British
4 Years teaching online
Qualifications: 120 hour Advanced TEFL Certificate
Education: Bachelor of Arts Degree in Modern Languages (French and German)
Other: I've taught more than 400 students in one-to-one classes and have taught over 5000 lessons.





Hi, teacher Jennifer, Mike really loves your class, I want to increase it to three or four classes a week. You are a good teacher, I will definitely recommend you to my friends.  Mike loves your English lesson his English is not so good, but I can see his progress, you helped a lot, thank you very much.



We like your teaching method very much. Most importantly, Dominic is very willing to do these exercises with you so thank you very much.




Thanx jennifer, so glad to meet u again . i love ur lesson very much. and expect next lesson. tomorrow is chinese teachers'day ,so i want to say happy teachers' day. thank you.

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