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Conversational and Business English

You don't have to be embarrassed about speaking English in personal or professional situations.
Learn the correct way to express yourself with confidence.

Areas Covered Include

  • Introducing yourself
  • Introducing other people
  • Asking for information
  • Business English
  • Talking on the telephone
  • And more ...

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Hi, teacher Jennifer, Mike really loves your class, I want to increase it to three or four classes a week. You are a good teacher, I will definitely recommend you to my friends.  Mike loves your English lesson his English is not so good, but I can see his progress, you helped a lot, thank you very much.



We like your teaching method very much. Most importantly, Dominic is very willing to do these exercises with you so thank you very much.




Thanx jennifer, so glad to meet u again . i love ur lesson very much. and expect next lesson. tomorrow is chinese teachers'day ,so i want to say happy teachers' day. thank you.

Jennifer Vaughan cropped
Teacher Jennifer

Frequently Asked Questions

We use a dedicated classroom for our lessons.  You are welcome to attend a FREE Trial Class session to see how the classroom works and discuss your needs.

Homework is optional.  If you would like to receive it, you will be provided with homework exercises to help you improve your English more quickly.

You could try using this troubleshooter to check that your browser is compatible with the system.  If that doesn't help, please contact me for further advice.

My Teaching Style

I teach general English using traditional methods but I also encourage students to spend time talking about their hobbies and interests.

At beginner level, we will build on your phonic awareness, to enable you to decode words by yourselves.  As you develop this skill, your confidence will grow.

At more advanced levels, we will work on your conversational skills, to give you the confidence to communicate in any situation, be it social or business.

I encourage you to remember that mistakes are nothing to be ashamed of - we all make mistakes and we learn from them, so we should embrace them as part of the learning process.

You will be encouraged to participate by focusing on things that interest you, so that you have a desire to build your language skills.

My Qualifications

English Level: Native Speaker
Accent: British
4 Years teaching online
Qualifications: 120 hour Advanced TEFL Certificate
Education: Bachelor of Arts Degree in Modern Languages (French and German)
Other: I've taught more than 400 students in one-to-one classes and have taught over 5000 lessons.


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